Tristan Tolani

About Tristan Tolani

Born and raised in the Triad. Tristan and his family have always had a passion for serving the community through several successful family restaurants. Tristan loved meeting the community around him, and these restaurants became a place for many to relax and enjoy fellowship.

Graduating from High Point University in 2018 Tristan began a new career with Honda Aircraft Company in Greensboro. Though Tristan considered this an incredible opportunity for a college graduate he felt as if there was something more he had to give to his community and help those around him. In 2019 Tristan followed this desire and began his new career in the Real Estate industry at Providence Realty. With Real Estate being one of the largest transactions of a person’s life, Tristan found that fulfillment in using his knowledge and expertise in assisting his community through these transactions.

If you have any questions about the real estate market or are looking to invest or sell reach out to Tristan for a free consolation.

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